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As an old international port city, Ampenan has been a place of cultural fusion for a long time. Some of Ampenan’s original traditions are wedding products from various traditions from many countries and ethnic groups in Indonesia, namely China, Arabic, Europe, Sasak, Javanese, Bugis, Sundanese and many others.

That can still be seen in the names of villages in Ampenan such as Kampung Bugis, Kampung Banjar, Kampung Melayu, Kampung Arab, Taman Kapitan, Tangsi and others.

The influence of multi-ethnic traditions is also in everyday language. Ampenan has its own accent. Like the anna-ente language, it is a mixture of Indonesian or Sasak with an Arabic accent. This dialect is widely used as an everyday language, especially in the Arab descendant community in Ampenan. In addition, The Chinese also creates its own accent style, a combination of Malay and Chinese.

Cultural marriage over the centuries has transformed Ampenan into a melting pot of Indonesian culture. A multicolor city where the Sasak tribes, indigenous tribes and the majority in Ampenan live together with settlers in harmony.

Even though the majority of Ampenans are Muslim but other houses of worship such as Hindu Pura, Church to the Vihara are easily found.

The influence of multi-cultural interactions can also be found in Ampenan cuisine. Most authentic Indonesian and peranakan foods are available. From Chinese Capcai to Padang Rice, from Arabian Kebab to Gudeg Jogja.

For lovers of traditional Lombok food, Ampenan is the best place to find it. Every afternoon the old harbor has a food court with a special panoramic sunset as a backdrop. The open air market serves many authentic Lombok dishes such as Ayam Taliwang, Nasi Sukaraja, Pelecing Kangkung, Rujak Terasi and many more. Walk east from the ACC Market via Jalan Saleh Sungkar, hundreds of food stalls and restaurants waiting for you. (LPG)


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